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Alexa Now Has A Samuel L. Jackson Voice Feature


Alexa Now Has A Samuel L. Jackson Voice Feature

Sam, play Despacito.

How does it feel to have Samuel L. Jackson as your personal butler who plays the music and wake you up when you need to? Certainly amazing, but what Amazon Echo has to offer is not the person in life. They have now provided the service of letting Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to answer your questions.

Alexa Now Has A Samuel L. Jackson Voice Feature

From the weather to set up the alarm and even cracking jokes, Sam is ready. He’s part of many celebrities who will be added to Alexa’s voice system.

Back in September, Amazon has announced its Amazon’s Celebrity Voice Program. Here’s their first man.

You can begin using Sam by $1 before you can start playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with him. Then, you can ask Alexa with “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.”

His voice has been pre-recorded to give amazing answers to some questions. You can ask the weather, his hobbies, his experience working for ‘Star Wars’ and even sing you jolly songs for this Christmas. In fact, there are some answers here he’s given that don’t exist in any interview out there.

So, what are you waiting for? About time to get your personal Nick Fury on your Amazon Echo.

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