A Girl, 9, Outsmarts Creepy Man Who Followed Her Into A Building

A Girl, 9, Outsmarts Creepy Man Who Followed Her Into A Building

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It is not a safe world out there. Safety is such a serious issue in many parts of the world. Stranger danger is not a popular phrase for no reason – almost every country has its own version of a similar song. The point is to be wary of creepy strangers that you don’t know on the streets when you’re still too young to be able to protect yourself physically.

A girl in Russia managed to outsmart a man that was targeting her.

A 9-year-old girl in Stupino, Russia, who was walking into a building notices that a man had swiftly slipped in when the door she went into a building. Without a shred of panic on her face, the girl managed to outsmart the man and brought back an adult, which deterred the criminal.

The girl acted like she was about to head into the elevator, but quickly turned back and headed back out.

The man followed the girl back out after noticing that she wasn’t coming back.

The girl escaped a dangerous situation and the man was later arrested.

The CCTV video that went viral last year was shared back by The Active Self Protection that uses this opportunity to address safety for children. Parents are responsible to help their kids to stay safe and be alert when the situation gets dangerous.

The Active Self Protection shares some tips parents can learn from the video to protect their children.

Children can always be armed to prepare to get out of dangerous situations.

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