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Dad Uses Cat As Demo To Teach Son How To Bathe A Baby


Dad Uses Cat As Demo To Teach Son How To Bathe A Baby

Gosh, so cute!

As new parents, most of us would find our own mom or dad to help with baby care. If you’ve never had to care for your baby siblings or work in childcare, this is an absolutely new field that you have not a single idea about. Especially because newborn babies are susceptible and fragile, they require extreme care to make sure they stay clean but not over-scrubbed or accidentally getting water in their respiratory system.

More info: Vinh Quang Phạm / Facebook

To teach his son how to bathe a baby, this dad did a demo with his cat!

The adorable cat appears to be pretty calm throughout the video, occasionally closing its eyes when rubbed or scratched in the right spot. Although there were a few tail wagging, it seemed content until the end of the demo session. The dad used an empty plastic bowl to illustrate the basin and gently carried the cat with one hand supporting its head and the other on its butt cheek.

The video went viral on Facebook, garnering so many likes and loves from the people. It has over 46k reactions now and 11k comments. The orange tabby’s name is Lạc Lạc, and we hope the new father enjoys his fatherhood time!

And who knows, for those of you who are child-free, whether, by choice or situation, a cat might be the right alternative for an additional family member!

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