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47-Year-Old ‘Catfish Queen’ Revealed How She Makes Herself Look ‘Decades Younger’


47-Year-Old ‘Catfish Queen’ Revealed How She Makes Herself Look ‘Decades Younger’

“Makeup is not illegal; we all are artistic so why take the fun out of that?”

Patricia Lichtenberger can dramatically change her look using products like mascara, lipstick, concealer, foundation, and even eyeshadow. Many people on social media can’t believe it’s the same person throughout most of her videos shared with TikTok.

While negative comments remain inevitable, the Texas native living in Kansas is proud she can enhance her looks. 

Patricia is now branded as “Catfish Queen.” Due to her skills, she has garnered over 120K followers and often attracts one million likes across her videos.

The 47-Year-Old started her TikTok account in 2016 to showcase her funny side but went viral in 2021 after showing off her natural beauty versus how she looks when on full-face glam.

At the time, she knew what Catfishing was – an act of tricking someone online regarding the way they look but had insisted it wasn’t her mission. But sooner than imagined, Patricia started receiving nasty comments, including being called ugly, and she was even accused of being deceitful. As a result, she nearly fell into a depression until she decided to embrace the catfish title.

@gemluvabeauty I’m a Bass! #gemluva #bassfishing original sound – Gemluva Beauty

Now, she’s so unbothered by the trolls and often shares videos highlighting her ability to look younger.

Addressing the backlash she has received, the Bench Jeweler told Jam Press that there’s no such thing as perfect. She added: “Let’s be real, we all have skin texture. And this is so surreal that we’d think we are made of robots or something because we are not. Makeup is not illegal, we enhance our beauty, and we all are artistic, so why take the fun out of that?”

@gemluvabeauty Reply to @oteamfitstasikhomes @TikTok Come on?! #OnTheCover #womenempowerment #gemluvabeauty #makeuptransformation #whatatimetobealive ♬ Still Into You Drill – ShoBeatz

Patricia insisted she can go from a simple makeup look to dramatic sometimes, and so far, the comments from her supporters have her back. She loves them all, even the ones who hate.

In a separate interview with New York Post, she shared: “I love catfishing. I can transform myself from a Mexican-Hispanic to a white woman if I want to. I love shocking people.” Patricia explained she buys her makeup at Walmart for $50 to $100 monthly, and her favorite product is the One/Size Butter Silk Concealer by Patrick Starr, which costs $25.

It turns out her daughter Pamela, 22, encourages her to keep posting, and indeed this has kept her going. 

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