30 Amazing Wholesome Things You Need To See Before 2020 Ends

30 Amazing Wholesome Things You Need To See Before 2020 Ends

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The year 2020 is challenging and just plain awful for many people. We see how humans act during a crisis, how they seem to throw away humanity when put under pressure. We see the change of what almost seemed like a regime; we witness the devastating power of pandemic and its impact on our everyday lives.

Yet, light shines the brightest in the dark. Even amongst so many crappy things, there are still kind and beautiful people out there. Maybe you are one of those people who’ve allowed light to shine, hope to stay even under the darkest times. You probably didn’t realize it – it could be the smile you gave to a stranger or uplifting comments you left on someone’s rant on social media.

Enjoy this list of wholesomeness and spread some more as we prepare ourselves to welcome another year.

“This child hit my dad’s car because his bike is old and the brakes aren’t working properly. My dad got him a new bike, I’m so proud of my dad!”


Kindness with no ulterior motives.


He was just a carpenter, but he’s changed the life of 33 strangers.

It is never too late for anyone.


Get you a man who respect you and the things you love.


“My dog gets really anxious in the car, so my grandma asked to sit in the back with him. The whole car ride all I heard was ‘It’s okay, we’re almost there brave boy.'”


“It has been a very long journey, but we finally got forever!”


Trolls got nothing on this confident lady.


When you learn that your job brings a smile to someone’s face.


This one amazing dad.


Some people think it’s impossible, but here’s a proof.


This is Abdul. He waited 4 hours after his shift so I personally got my bike back after it was close to getting stolen. He saw someone cutting the lock while working at South Eastern Railways.

Steve Farmer

This group of kids made a bet with this man for $10 to get a large pizza at Domino’s. The lost and was figuring out how to get $10, but this man already ordered them a pizza with a 2-litre Sprite.

Jeff Gravatt

“In Japan, these grandparents didn’t want kids to feel lonely while waiting for the bus everyday. So they made a life-size version of Totoro at the bus stop. Now, the kids have a friend waiting there with them everyday.”


Cats are perfection, such an obvious thing.


Ridan comes to this restaurant and feeds a homeless man with special needs out of his own pocket.


“10 years of work but it was worth it! I’m a provider at the same place I use to clean.”

Jaines Andrades

“Ten years ago I signed up to mentor an at-risk young boy. Yesterday, I dropped him off at college.”


“Dorothy anonymously bakes treats & leaves them for our apartment community. She was recently caught.”


“Rachel has been a nanny for Curtis for over a year. When he realized her senior prom was cancelled, he wanted to throw one for her. Complete with her favorite foods, flowers, and dancing, Curtis (and his mom) pulled off the best socially distant prom ever.”


Marios Giannakou is an athlete who hiked to the top of Mt. Olympus with Eleftheria, a disabled biology student, on his back to bring her dream come true.


Man brings his disabled twin during Ironman and marathon events so they can compete and reach the goal together!

TeamTvilling, TeamTvilling

She overcome her biggest fear!


A good man. Treat people like how you want to be treated.


“Sometimes you need some bro you don’t know to love you.”


Professionals replaced the wooden mast with concrete, but they didn’t scrap the Tucano’s house!

Neuton Fischer, Neuton Fischer

“My mom is a nurse practitioner and she has been on the front lines of a COVID unit since March. She just got this shirt. I haven’t seen her light up like that in months.”




A homeless man donated $1 with a touching note after OHS was vandalized by rioters in return of a free tour he enjoyed pre-pandemic.


Such simple words, but so heartwarming. So worth it!