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25 People Share The Most Astonishing Facts About World To Comfort Everyone


25 People Share The Most Astonishing Facts About World To Comfort Everyone

Most amazing facts!

The world can sometimes be a pretty sad place to live in. With bad news often generating the most clicks, the media seems to focus on the negatives, and ignore the things that make the world a better place to live in. It’s easy to look aside as the world goes down the drain, but sometimes it’s important to remind themselves and everyone else about the bright side of life.

Redditor ExtraterritorialBird asked people to post ‘very comforting facts‘ and they delivered. word got around and in less than a week, the list had snowballed with over 15K random facts in comments, many of which are so wholesome, you simply can’t help but smile

What’s better than knowing a random fun fact that somewhere out there in the world, sea otters are holding hands and cows have best friends. Scroll down to check some of the hidden knowledge about life.

1. Malala Yousafzai completes her studies

With_Trees, Southbank Centre

Malala Yousafzai, was shot in the head by the Taliban for daring to stay in school. She recently completed her studies in the University of Oxford.

2. Switzerland criminalizes owning one guinea pig

TinyButMean, wikipedia

Owning one guinea pig as a pet in Switzerland is an offense punishable by law. Guineas are social animals and therefore keeping them singular is considered animal abuse

3. Muslim man saves many Jews from persecution

No ones your enemy, except for the ones you make yourself believe are.

During the Second World War, a Muslim man owned a mosque in Paris. After France got captured by the Germans and with the persecution of French Jews by the Natzis. The Muslim man offered every Jew he could find shelter in his mosque and handed out fake Muslim certificates so they wouldn’t be questioned. He saved over 400 lives.

4. Mister Rodger’s cardigans were knit by his mom


All cardigans ever worn by mister Rodgers on camera were knit by his mother.

5. Obama’s presidency lasted longer than the confederacy

America had a black President in power longer than the confederacy existed.

6. Swedish blood donors get notified whenever their blood is used

deyvena01, Jeffrey Kontur

Blood donors in Sweden get a phone notification when their blood is used to save a life.

7. Cats dream of their owners

silva_wings,Damian R

It’s highly likely you feature in your pet’s dreams whenever they fall asleep

8. Mickey mouse and minney mouse got married


The voice actors of Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse had incredible chemistry even in real life and got married eventually.

9. Destroying the ecosystem is criminal in other nations


Some countries are pushing for laws that criminalises destruction of the ecosystem in any form.

10. Cheetahs are very shy

pxxrthshetty,Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Cheetahs are actually shy animals, some zoo’s even give them support dogs just like humans with anxiety and related issues.

11. We are all connected to something eternal


all the atoms in the universe are recycled in various ways. Our entire body has already experienced billions of years of each atoms own personal history (having formed in the first stars).

It’s plausible those atoms will eventually become part of someone else in the future and will continue to exist in various forms – transforming continuously – until the end of time itself.

So in a way, we’re connected to something absolutely eternal and our ultimate fate is to be spread across the stars.

12. Jupiter is crucial to Earth’s existence

tehngand,Kevin Gill

Jupiter’s gravitational pull is so strong, scientists believe it’s critical in our survival on Earth, protecting us from meteors.

13. Crows and Ravens love the snow


Crows and Ravens enjoy playing in the snow. Rolling hills make up their favourite snow activity.

14. Scientists made a breakthrough in finding cute for blindness


Scientists earlier this year made a great breakthrough in curing blindness but the good news was shadowed by the virus.

15. Dogs make cute Sneezy sounds while playing


While playing with their human owners, Dogs make cute Sneezy sounds to assure us they are having fun and not generally in a fight mood

16. Cows have best friends


Cows can be best of buddies too.

17. Mice enjoy playing hide and seek


Scientists have discovered that mice enjoy playing hide and seek. They squeal with joy when they find or get found by another.

18. Its never too late to be who you want to be

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

Van Gogh didn’t start painting until his late twenties. JK Rowling didn’t publish Harry Potter until her late thirties. Samuel L Jackson didn’t get his first big role until his 40s. The list goes on.

19. Elephants think humans are cute


Elephants think humans are cute just like we think cats and dogs are.

20. Cats can offer emotional support too.


My boyfriend has a panic and anxiety disorder. Whenever he gets a panic attack, one of our cats will sit on him and purr loudly. It always comforts him and calms him down. We always joke that she is our little support animal.

21. penguin in Mandarin means something else


‘Penguin’ in the Mandarin language translates to ‘business goose’.

22. Otters hold each other’s hands while napping


Otters hold each other’s hands while asleep so that a colleague doesn’t drift away with the tides.

23. A volunteer organisation offers true companionship when needed.


There’s a volunteer organization called ‘No One Dies Alone’. If you need a companion. From someone to talk to, or just someone to hold your hand. They’ll make sure someone will be there for you.

24. Some good news

s***ty_owl_lamp,unsplash / Jordan Bauer

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today, so my miscarriage rate has dropped to 0.1%.

After undergoing 6 rounds of infertility treatments and 2 miscarriages, this stat is very comforting to me.

25. One of the rare happy moments in war


Liechtenstein once deployed 80 men to protect it’s border against Austria. Despite their worries, they didn’t see nor experience any combat along the way.

When they called it a day they returned home – with 81 men. They made a friend along the way, an Italian bloke who bumped into them and wanted to come live in Liechtenstein.

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