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23 Amazing Pictures Of Things That Stood Out As Time Went By


23 Amazing Pictures Of Things That Stood Out As Time Went By

How time just flies by!

Time is an amazing force. It’s a slow one, but no man on earth has ever been able to stop, accelerate or bend this force. It only runs in one direction and every one of us has no way to cheat it. Watching just how much things change as time goes by is amazing that can’t be put to words. It’s like peeking into a certain time in the past, watching as history forms behind us.

And now, we cannot wait to see just how much things are going to change and affected as we all get out of the humble bode of our house when this all ends.

1. This dog’s spots fade within 10 years.


2. The Union Station, traces of commuters.


3. These tiles from a former building torn down were not removed. The workers simply laid tarmac and turn it into a parking lot.


4. This melted M&M’s that’s from a decade ago.


5. This ancient can of Sprite behind the ceiling of an old mall.


6. This brick wall was eroded and re-molded by the sea.


7. The hands of a grandma and her granddaughter.


8. This building in New York in the middle of getting its grime washed from the coal industry.


9. These two cars abandoned in this forest.

10. These worn out steps on the Great Wall of China.


11. A young soldier hung his bike on this tree in 1914 before leaving for a war.


12. An old brochure of World Trade Center with an ominous slogan.


13. This pipe of a thermal spa after being used for 6 months.


14. Two of the same pillowcase, but one has been used for 40 years and the other was well-kept.


15. Both tomatoes, one from a new seed and the other a 150-year-old seed.


16. These are two same bears, but the one on the left is 30 years old and the one on the right is brand new for a newborn baby.


17. This tree wrapped around the stones that were part of the wall.


18. Knives from Chef Masaharu Morimoto. he one on the left is new and the rest were the knives he’s been using regularly for 3 years.


19. Monks footprints after years praying several times a day.


20. This soda can was on a drink holder for 2 years.


21. These worn-out steps.

22. The customers like to leave their bikes here and it’s become a habit 30 years later.


23. Key was never taken out from the lock for 20+ years.


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