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21 People Who Found Their Old Cringey Pictures And Just Had To Share The Laugh


21 People Who Found Their Old Cringey Pictures And Just Had To Share The Laugh

Shed some burdens off with a little laugh.

Lockdown is the best time to go through some of the cringiest moments of your life. Being unable to go anywhere, the embarrassment can get so overwhelming, you’re just happy you’re not at your workplace. Well, these brave people actually made the move to share their darkest moments of their childhood life.

With COVID-19 does not seem to be slowing down, Green Lemon thinks it’s high time that we get a good dose of laugh right now. You can also shoot r/blunderyears for more random stranger’s embarrassing moments!

That time when three of us siblings did a lookalike competition.


Yes, that’s me acting like a surfed in a clamshell in suits.


I proudly tell people that I met Michael Jackson and found the picture. Who the f-


I have no words, but I know we will be back to recreate this picture.


My emo friend actually tried saying ‘Don’t label me’, but she couldn’t spell it.


Not sure why, but 7-year-old me asked to be a box for Halloween and grandparents granted it.


I cried because I thought this was my mugshot for stealing taffy. It was just an ornament for my parents.


That’s 3-year-old me armed with mom’s red lipstick.


When I was 12, I was going to a birthday party, but I had bad allergies. So, my mom tried to cover it with makeup.


These girls recreated their older sister’s best friend’s picture with her boyfriend.


So, I was 12, this was in 2011, and I thought I was a looker.


I must not be the only one to kidnap barbies during the ’90s… right?


I can cut weight, workout and still feel uncool when I look back at this picture.


Mom decided to look through old pictures and sent this one of 12-year-old me.


This isn’t a 42-year-old in business attire. This is just me, 7 years old.


9 year old me was loving EVERY part of this photo from 2002.


My hair Circa 1994.


Damn bruh, I was really going hardback in the day.


1990, I was too cool for school.


8-year-old me with my beanie baby collection. Jealous?


I’m still dead inside, but I have lost the mop on my head!

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