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19 Things Millennials Grew Up With That Today’s Kids Will Never Know


19 Things Millennials Grew Up With That Today’s Kids Will Never Know

It’s the harsh truth & reality!

One important benefit of being older is to enlighten the youth. Have you ever taken your time to spot out the 90’s kids? Every step of the way, everything they do, they always talk about the good old days.

Awkwardly, getting older always suggests viewing all the things that defined one’s childhood becoming extremely irrelevant. Being a different procedure as technology makes mincemeat out of the previous form of things, it doesn’t, however, mean we have to hate on the millennia.

However, since a decade has come to a close, the 90’s internet users shared common things ‘Today’s Kids Have No Idea About.’ Have a look!

#1 10 Cents Per Text Message Was A Real Deal

#2 Is This Really A Printer?

Twitter: @kenzie_bug20

#3 The Most Cherished DVD

Twitter: @BdanksAnthony

#4 The Word ‘Hang Up’ Was Fun Dear!

#5 Wireless Phone

#6 Is It For Music?

Twitter: @jodierandazzo

#7 Watching Cable

#8 Dad, Can You Please Tell Me What This Is Use For?

Twitter: @MarcSebens

#9 Is This Really A 3D Printer?

Twitter: @bill_gross

#10 The No Clue Game On

#11 How Did You Just Get A Blank CD And Put Songs On It?

Twitter: @teriamour

#12 What Myspace?

Twitter: @vinnycrack

#13 Can This Actually Be A Soap. Unbelievable!

#14 Did You Have Any Idea Of What This Is

#15 A Cousin Thought This $20 Was Fake

Twitter: @zickmund_

#16 A Telephone Or What?

#17 The Ultimate Download From Napster!

Twitter: @angryblkmanDC

#18 How Do You Turn This On?

Twitter: @TheJordanMiller

#19 Dad This Is Not Working For Me!

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