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22 People Who Should Never Be Let Into The Kitchen


22 People Who Should Never Be Let Into The Kitchen

Stay safe, folks!

Most of us are able to do simple cooking to sustain life, such as making instant noodles. But there are those who manage to screw up really bad with something as simple as scrambled eggs. Yes, you know that person who should never be allowed anywhere near the kitchen.

The cooking fails Greenlemon seen in this list is warning enough to never let these amateurs in the kitchen… ever.

1. Got a box of cake mix and thought it was going to be easy.


2. So, I made cute Baby Yoda deviled eggs.


3. This rainbow crepe cake looks so cute… talking about the one on the left.

Reddit | Turenner

4. The ability to ruin a scrambled egg is a rare one.


5. This ‘Crap cake’ actually looks really like one.

Reddit | EnigmaWave

6. Kale chips aren’t chip. There’s a reason why.


7. Pretty sure rainbow includes the color red.

Reddit | GiveMeCheesecake

8. Burnt eggs.


9. These cake pops are bordering on cute and nightmare.

Reddit | BeccaAnn

10. If you’re the type to microwave your squash, this is your fate.

Instagram | @shirleyallenwilson

11. Husband put the chicken in the over to keep it warm. Puts it on broil setting instead.


12. Baking is not meant for everyone.


13. Dumpling is a nice go-to meal when you’re hungry and in a hurry.


14. Why would anyone do this with their ramen?


15. Someone is having fish dinner.


16. Such a grotesque scene.


17. Not sure what this dish is, but we’re not interested to find out.


18. More burnt things.


19. To ruin a sunny-side up egg is amazing.


20. When you have no talent at pastry at all and you attempted at this.

Reddit | solstice4l

21. One simply… does not reheat pizza with the box.


22. Someone burnt their pasta.


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