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Japanese Mom Makes Amazingly Cute Meals Using Eggs


Japanese Mom Makes Amazingly Cute Meals Using Eggs

Are you inspired by these cute meals?

We all have seen the adorable images of food that the Japanese culture is well known for making, as well see how it has been influencing other chefs or cook from all over the world in including cuteness into their own designs.

It’s not a hidden thing that customers are more interested in buying some food with cute little design on it, as compared with it plain equivalent. It could be because we are fastidious, but better enlightenment is mainly because human beings love to enjoy a meal, and one best way to do that is to make it look super nice.

Here, Etoni mama, a food illustrator from Japan makes food art using eggs. While many of us are familiar with frying, boiling, or scrambling eggs, she takes it one step ahead by re-forming characters using the boiled yolk. Have a look!

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