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21 Things About Cats That Will Make You Love Them More


21 Things About Cats That Will Make You Love Them More

Too perfect for Planet Earth!!

There’s no argument that cats are a popular choice of pet. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association had revealed that more household in the United States has more cats than dogs.

If you don’t have a cat as a pet, I bet Greenlemon compilation on 21 Things proving cats are the most superior beings on earth will simply get you thinking. Honestly, they’re too perfect for Planet Earth!

#1 For Beginners, Their Bodies Are So Well……

@cakes1todough1 / Via Instagram: @cakes1todough1

#2 I Bet The Word ‘Doughy’ Is The Right Thing To Say

u/GloomyEscape2 / Via

#3 Cats Have A Rotating Satellite Dish As Ears

u/RegEvrydayNormlFungi / Via

#4 And Beans As  Toes

u/beroemd / Via

#5 Be Very Careful, Those Beans Are Harmful

u/Arsis82 / Via

#6 They Cross!

Samantha Raczynski

#7 And Fold Their Tiny Arms!

u/marriedtotheeggs / Via

#8 Cats Are Very Unpredictable!

u/bowlerhatbear / Via

#9 They Lead Mysterious Double Lives

u/Habitual_Emigrant / Via

#10 They Speak Like They Can Be Understood

u/A-Creative_Username / Via

#11 And Sometimes, They Can Be Terrifying Human-Like

u/lubbby / Via

#12 Even When Destructive, Cats Are Just Too Adorable

u/Lbomberry630 / Via

#13 Over Adorable/Cute When Sleeping

u/Lvl100Magikarp / Via

#14 They Stand!

u/Just_Red_00 / Via

#15 And Startle At Times!

u/NTX_cat_rescue / Via

#16 Cats Sploot

u/chezpink / Via

#17 And Blep!

/u/icant-chooseone / Via

#18 Of Course, They Loaf

u/DeepBlu3Nothing / Via

#19 Their Teeth! Don’t Even Go There!

u/Dearestbrittany / Via

#20 For Whatever Reason, Sinks Are Like Their Favorite Place!

u/Pariah_XO / Via

#21 They Want To Get Involved In Everything!

u/SiEdMeow / Via

And Yes! Are You Interested?

u/veniagoly / Via

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