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Cats Bond With Owners Similar To How Children Connect With Parents, Study Reveals


Cats Bond With Owners Similar To How Children Connect With Parents, Study Reveals

Dogs are not the only besties!

Over the years, humans have created some level of bonds with certain domestic animals that are referred to as pets.

Dogs have been at the forefront of this friendship between humans and animals, however, there is some new level of revelations by scientist that has shown that not only dogs can be human-friendly,  but that cats can even bond with their owners as much as parents bond with their children.

Scientific research teams from the Oregon State University recently carried out a research that has revealed that cats as pets can form a very strong bond with the owners that can be equated to the type of bond that exists between parents and children.

They revealed that even though some cats can be quite arrogant and careless at times, they really care much and appreciate us a lot as they see us as their caretakers.

Scientists make surprising discoveries about cats

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Studies on attachment behaviors which entails reuniting parents with their children after a brief period of separation have revealed that humans and their babies, monkeys and their babies as well dogs with their children form significant bonds. The study was further extended to cats and humans. It was then was observed that the bond occur similar to that of humans and their kids.

Studies revealed that cats form secure bonds with their owners

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Current Biology
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Current Biology

Researchers observed that about 65 percent of kittens has created secure bonds with their owners from babyhood through adulthood.

Exactly how monkeys, dogs and humans bond with their babies

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Current Biology

For clarity, secure bond between a cat and its owners means that whenever the owner returns home, the cat will happily welcome its owner while insecure bond occurs when the cat feels stressed out and repels from its owner.

This means that about two-thirds of cats see their owners as parents or caregiver

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Despite their occasional arrogance, cats really care about us

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This means dogs are not the only pet besties of man anymore

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Several People Were Quite Excited About The Discovery:

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