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Target Is Selling Mini Haunted Houses For Cats And They’re Purrfect For Halloween


Target Is Selling Mini Haunted Houses For Cats And They’re Purrfect For Halloween

Sold for $16.99, weighs about 3.34 pounds!

Halloween is almost here and the pumpkin spice lattes and uggs are rolling in already. So, will other haunted things as well as plastic skeletons start unleashing before realizing it’s here?

While it’s the perfect time to start planning for the festivities and start working also on the scariest costume, don’t however, forget your pets who might secretly be desiring a spooky scary collection.

One perfect means to place your cat in the Halloween mood without placing them in an uncomfortable outfit is by getting them something spooky to get comfy in. And Yes! Target has the perfect solution!

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These particular haunted cat houses are the perfect treat you can give your cat!  It’s time for the Halloween cat owners!

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The company is presently selling a Haunted Mansion Cat Scratcher that features all of the favorite things a cat appreciate. A cardboard box designed with black and orange Halloween colors featuring a scary house with ghosts and cobwebs.

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The Mansion Cat Scratcher is selling for $16.99, weighs about 3.34 pounds and comes with a 2-floor design that includes a perch pad up top and a scratcher floor on both levels for an endless party.

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Hence, if you find yourself wanting the spooky Haunted Mansion for your furry friend, then this design is probably for you! Don’t think twice!!

Watch The Video Of The Haunted House In Action:

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