21 People Share Pics Of Strange Cats In Their Homes And Now They’re Close Buddies

21 People Share Pics Of Strange Cats In Their Homes And Now They’re Close Buddies

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Cats, by nature, roam the area surrounding their home. You’re 100% likely to come across a stray cat amid your travels and interestingly at your doorstep unexpectedly. While cat owner undeniably has millions of photos of their cats, there’re some masterpiece-like photo that deserves awards.

This time, people in a Facebook Group titled: ‘My House, Not My Cat’, an online community is sharing pics of felines who wind up in homes uninvited, ranging from felines in their yards and even offices. Has this ever happened to you?

Cats in this article are evidently smart as they could just let themselves in people’s space through open windows and doors and guess what, these people don’t have cats. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist these fluffy cuties, hence we’ve compiled 20 photos of strange cats in people’s homes. Do you know they became good friends? Take a look!

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Meet Crumpet. Not My Cat, But In My House

Gregory Hawk Hauling Swales

“My neighbor’s cat is obsessed with my cats, dogs, and daughter. But today took the cake. The front door was closed because it rained so he took a scary journey to see where his friends were.”

Michelle Jones‎

Neither Of These Feline Belong To My Parents

Carrie Lawsterbunny

My Carport, But Honestly Not My Cat

Tristen Rogers

Here’s Mr. Black. He’s Owned By Our Neighbors Yet A Regular Guest In My Home

Aimi Mori

Sharon Sneaks Into My Home Every Day And Pretends To Be Sleeping. She’s Not Our Cat

Hannah Green

This Kitten Came In Running After Opening My Front Door

Heather Nicole Creech

This Cat Is Not Mine Yet It’s Drinking My Water In My Home. Met Ted, My Neighbors Cat!

Anne Mullis

5 Cats Had A Party In My Kitchen. I Only Have Three!

Hannah Rose Summerfield

Ted, A Neighbors Cat, And My Bathroom Sure A Mysterious Connection

Anne Mullis

I’ve Been Feeding A Strange Cat For Some Time Now. Shelter And Blanket Both Provided

Michelle Slater

Cat Gets 100% Comfy, Not My Cat Though

Liseanne Ferland Rolwing

This Cat Entered A Home And Slept On The Bed. It Must Be Exhausted

Pedro Augusto

How’ll You Feel Returning From Work To See Two Cats In Your Apartment?

Alicia Reed

The Aftermath Of Front Door Opening Is Strange Cat On Bed

Claire Arthur

Good Deed Of A Piece Of Bacon Got Him Waking Up With This Feline

Sheridan Branting

Few Months Transformation. My House Not My Cat Vs. You Go So Fat

Emily Warren

White Cat Found In Laundry Is Now Part Of The Family Forever

Carlos Gomez

Baby’s Bassinet Got Visited. Not My Cat But In My Home

Meera Paleja

Beautiful Girly Visit Regularly For Breakfast. She’s Equally Named Magic

Tracey Lammert

The Best Gift From Santa From Christmas. 7 Black Cats Born In A Home On Xmas

Amanda Short