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20 Times Cats Hilariously Disrespect Owner’s Personal Space


20 Times Cats Hilariously Disrespect Owner’s Personal Space

Hilariously naughty cats.

We have all met some type of cat: the ones who have no idea what personal space truly means. And no matter how often or loud you call their names, they won’t just move away or even come around. Some cats even ignore when you tell them to keep off and are downright stubborn. Undeniably, pets, including cats are a crucial part of our lives, but they deliberately appear to cross all boundaries. These moments can sometimes be truly adorable, especially when your kitten hops on the tub to take a snooze on your shoulder.

On the other hand, it can be stressful and infuriating when your kitten hunts you down each time you visit the restroom. Perhaps, is it truly possible to get angered at your furry friends?  We know that pets are forgiven countless times, and this hasn’t held back their owners from capturing their disrespectful pets red-handed. Here we’ve compiled hilarious times cats shamelessly disrespected their owner’s space. Besides, they seem to have a witty sense of humor. Have a look!

Time Alone Is Impawsible

1 42

The Laser Kitten Having A Swell Time

2 43

Cats Hunt Owners Even In The Bathroom

3 35

Neighbor’s Cat Spying Via Bathroom Window Caught Red-Handed

4 30

The Every Morning Drama

5 28

The Supervisor For Shower

6 30

The Superhero Cat Who Thinks Owner Is Suffering In The Shower

7 28

The True Nature Of Cats – A Snooze On The Shoulder

8 22

Massive Panic Attack Brought Forth The-Never-Leaving Owner’s Side Moment

9 21

Bathing Together Remains Inevitable

10 20

The Alien Crew From The Mothership

11 21

The Legitimately Concerned Kitten  

12 18

Kitties Reaction When Out Of The Shower

13 17

Cat Got In Owner’s Way When Looking In The Mirror. Hilariously Cute

14 17

12-Years Together And Still Cat Is Scared For Owner At Every Bath

15 18

Cat’s Position In The Shower

16 15

Cat To Owner: ‘You Are Never Alone’

17 16

Owner Fell Ill And Stayed In The Bathroom All Night. Butterfly The Cat Didn’t Move A Inch

18 14

 ‘I Am Coming To Join You In The Bathroom’- Cat To Human

19 12

Cats Are Truly Patient And Here’s Proof: Kitties At Toilet Door

20 12

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