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20 Amazing Couple Goals That Has Nothing To Do With Luxurious Life


20 Amazing Couple Goals That Has Nothing To Do With Luxurious Life

Such beautiful pictures of relationship goals!

It seems like pictures of couples traveling to expensive destination labeled relationship goals seem unachievable for many. Of course, it’s a dream for many couples and it’s absolutely beautiful to see you guys achieve those. But you know what’s even more beautiful? Growing old together and falling in love like you just met yesterday.

These couples so just how beautiful love life can be even if you could only get married at the age of 80!

Dad got married one day before his 80th birthday today.


Marie’s family abandoned her after she married Jake, her true love in 1948. They’re still happily married for over 70 years through the power of love.


They met in preschool and he promised to marry her at three years old. After meeting each other again after 20 years, they got married.


Wife waited me after 3 tours overseas and after 8 years together since 2012, we’re one now.


My grandparents being adorable after 60 years married.


Look at my parents buying the same card from different stores on their 21st anniversary.


We were on LDR and had to face visa complications that separate us. We tied the knot in the end.

Girlfriend chose to be like highschool me in football outfit and she looks tough!


Seems like I have a clingy girlfriend.


This sweet man from Outback saw us in our prom outfits and shared her picture with wife from 1949.


My 93-year-old parents who are married for 68 years now. They both have Alzheimer’s, but holding onto each other like they just fell in love yesterday.


Look at my grandparents married for 60 years, new to WhatsApp.


This beautiful gem of my parents taking a nap together.


I lost my job and was finding it hard to get out of bed. A beautiful message.


I am 27 and finally strong enough to show love in public. I’m glad I’m here.


Dad gave mom an extendable fork for birthday.


I am a cowboy from Wyoming, married to a an Indian woman from Delhi and it’ll be 7 years this September.


This true couple goals.


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