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Couple Amazingly Transform 50-Year-Old Rusty Caravan They Bought For £50


Couple Amazingly Transform 50-Year-Old Rusty Caravan They Bought For £50

Truly satisfying.

A couple purchased a run-down caravan and converted it into a beautiful camper vintage lovers can only dream of.

The 52-year-old camper had been advertised for just £50, a great bargain for any aspiring DIY enthusiast and they immediately knew they had to buy it.

The pair purchased The Rusty Caravan Covered In Moss For Only £50


Before its transformation, the caravan was in a very sorry state – covered in moss and with the interior completely run down.

Soon as their new possession landed in the yard, the pair rolled their sleeves and worked on the holiday home transforming it into a barely recognizable decked out with kitsch finds sure to be the envy of any vintage lover.

You’d imagine that achieving the glamorous look must have taken a toll on their finances but alas, the frugal couple managed to complete the entire renovation without digging deep into their pockets. All the necessary additions were either reused items or purchased as second-hand.

The Exterior Was Scrubbed Down and Given a Fresh Paint Job


After completing their project, it was time to show the world of their achievements. The woman took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK to share incredible before and after pictures of the van.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “We finally finished our vintage caravan.” she is 52 yrs old.


“Bought her for £50 completely rebuild on a budget.

“The wardrobe was huge, made it smaller to fit in, and used the draw as one of the seats.

“We reused most things and bought 2nd hand. Her name is Iris.”
A photo of the interior during the renovation showed how the couple had stripped the caravan bare before they began building it. It was almost like beginning from scratch.

The Caravan Was Stripped Bare To Give The Remodeling A Fresh Start


The duo worked on making the interior as cosy as they could fitting wooden floors, wallpapered the walls and decorated it with throws, curtains, bunting, teddy bears and all things vintage.

Looking back at the dirty, rusty caravan they purchased, it’s most Unrecognizable thanks to a great paint job that completed the neat look.

The Interior Is Decked With Vintage Decor


The Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering over 7,700 likes and 1,300 comments from fellow DIYers praising their hard work.

One person said: “Absolutely stunning. What a great restoration project.”

Another suggested: “You should rent it out you’d make a fortune its beautiful xx.

And: “My god I want to live in it is it for hols or personal it’s amazing” said a fourth.

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