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‘1917’ Tops ‘Star Wars’ This Weekend With $56M+ Post-Golden Globes Award


‘1917’ Tops ‘Star Wars’ This Weekend With $56M+ Post-Golden Globes Award

The Box Office is still being ruled by these two movies.

Sam Mendes’ one-shot movie ‘1917’ won Best Picture on Golden Globes 2020 and this got people to go to the cinema to give it a shot. It earned $19.92m domestically and worldwide earnings on Sunday was estimated to be more than $60m. This shot the movie’s position in domestic earning from 17th to 1st.

‘1917’ earned $14m on Friday, $13.7m on Saturday and $8m on Sunday. In comparison, on the 2nd place is ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, which earned $3.9m, $6.7 and $4.3 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday consecutively. But these simply put the last episode of the saga closer to its $1b mark.

Within a day or so, ‘Star Wars’ will also become Disney’s 7th movie to enter the $1b club worldwide.

It is noteworthy that although ‘1917’ was made as if it took only one-shot, the movie had a lot of moments cut during when the camera pans somewhere other than the actors.

Following close-by is ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ which earned a total of $14m throughout the latest weekend. This adds to their worldwide earning of $671m.

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