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‘1917’ Applauded As The Best War Film Since ‘Saving Private Ryan’


‘1917’ Applauded As The Best War Film Since ‘Saving Private Ryan’

Scheduled for release on December 25!

Sam Mendes ‘World War 1 Movie 1917 has received positive reviews in its first batch of critics’ reaction.

Dubbed as the ‘Best War Film’ since Saving Private Ryan, the film follows two soldiers – played by Dean Charles Chapman and George McKay on the battlefields of Northern France.

They were both sent by their commander to stop the armies from marching on and saving everyone, including Blake’s brother.

Specifically, critics praise has gone towards Roger Deakins’ cinematography, Mendes’ direction, the lead characters, and the scores. Roger’s cinematographer has undoubtedly done a tremendously great job in the film as it’s been filmed as if it plays out in real-time.

People are praising:







In an interview with Vanity Fair, Mendes said: ‘It needed to be immersive and visceral.’

He added:  ‘From the trenches to the No Man’s Land, to the Open countryside, orchards, farmland, bombed-out towns, woods, to even the rivers, the film bear witness to the staggering destruction wrought by the war. Yet it’s fundamentally a human story about two inexperienced and young soldiers racing against the clock.’

Benedict Cumberbatch
Colin Firth
Mark Strong

Nevertheless, the film -1917, starring Mark Strong, Claire Duburcq, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Colin Firth is scheduled for release on December 25 and plan on expanding wide from January 10, 2020.

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