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18 Hilarious Wives Who Really Knew How To Prank Their Husbands So Good


18 Hilarious Wives Who Really Knew How To Prank Their Husbands So Good

Wives can also prank their husbands real good.

Part of a healthy marriage is poking fun on each other on a healthy level. Inside jokes, comedy movies, and pranks are just some ways couples do to keep their relationship healthy. While it’s usually the men in the house that go around their way to prank their wives, you’d think that women can’t get back at them.

Well, here are some of the best pranks in all their glory. Husbands need to watch out more!

Wife was giggling the whole time as husband was asked to change the air filters.


Brussel sprouts covered in chocolate for husband’s colleague’s birthday because it’s April Fool’s Day.


Poor dog left alone!

Then the doughnut with baby powder sprinkles.

Coffee + dish soap sounds tasty?

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She got tarantula skin shed from pet shop to scare the husband.


Man thought it was just a ringtone.

She pretended her water broke.

The dandelion trick.

This poor man.

More balls joke.


ICE battle.

She gave his holey jeans bigger holes so he’ll stop wearing them.


The ‘Everything Nicholas Cage’ prank.


Those are some cheesy armpits!


She decided to mark him.

Firework poppers under toilet seat to wake him up.


A prank that can give you a heart attack.


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