17 People Share Hilarious Wedding Disasters

17 People Share Hilarious Wedding Disasters

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Weddings are a cheerful and buoyant event which can undeniably still go very wrong, resulting in funny stories which can’t be forgotten all sudden. From guests wearing white to drunken groomsmen, you must have heard some truly outrageous tales from weddings.

Weddings are equally one of the worst occasions for disasters, mainly because it’s almost impossible to live them down. If you are planning to get married – be it a private one or a huge ceremony, it’s advisable to avoid the wedding faux pas.

Relatives, grooms, guests, photographers, and even brides have recently been posting their worst wedding disasters on a viral thread on Twitter after Jimmy Fallon called out for cringeworthy stories.  ‘It’s Hashtags time! Tell us about an embarrassing wedding story and tag it with the Hashtag #Wedding Fail. You could be on the show! Jimmy, a presenter had said.

Expectedly, users didn’t, however, disappoint with the tweet garnering thousands of likes as hundreds of users owned up to some cringe-worthy wedding fails. From groom cracking wife’s rib, brides turning up at the wrong venue to children peeing on the dance floor, these tales might make you double think before tying the knot. Enjoy!

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