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Bride’s Mom Wants Her To Cancel Wedding After DNA Test Reveals She’s Distantly Related To Fiancé


Bride’s Mom Wants Her To Cancel Wedding After DNA Test Reveals She’s Distantly Related To Fiancé

Is it OK to marry someone distantly related?

There are a lot of pros and cons when evaluating whether or not to invest in a DNA test. It’s can be pretty cool though!

Testing has gotten so precise that just a string of hair can allow scientists to detect whether or not you are at risk of Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes – The pros of DNA Test.

Now the cons – You might, unfortunately, find out you’re distantly related to your fiancé. Recently, a woman questioned whether or not it was OK for the daughter to get married to her cousin.

‘My daughter is planning her wedding. However, it was found last week upon doing some research on our family tree that my daughter’s fiancé is her 5th cousin. Initially, I didn’t break the news to her, but after several days I had to. My daughter then felt it still perfectly fine and that she was going ahead with the wedding.’ The woman explained.

As you can project, a big tussle followed suit.  

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The woman continued: ‘Instantly, I told her I wasn’t in support of the marriage despite earlier agreement to pay for the wedding. Now, I will not be paying if she decides to go through.’

‘We got into a big fight, which ended up with her telling me she’s cutting me out of her life for good. I honestly don’t know what to do. I just don’t want my daughter to get married to her cousin.’

Regardless, it appears her daughter is losing a dear one over this arrangement and as many Redditors pointed out, their connection is nearly absent.

‘5th cousins only share great-great-great-grandparents and 5% DNA at that. The mother is just being ridiculous.’ @mylittlepoggie said.

@starlaluna added: ‘My mom is into family studies and just found out my husband is my 8th cousin on her dad’s side. We’ve been together for about 19years and my son doesn’t have an extra arm. We are doing well.’

‘If they were to give birth to a baby, it would suffer no ill effects. It’s far enough out of the direct family. This one of the important oddities about gene sharing and definitely they are in the clear.’ @mamahazard said.

The aforementioned comments sure add to the rage of the mother’s sorrow. If her daughter and her fifth cousin ended up having a child, would the mom even make a point of seeing and visiting her granddaughter or grandson? Given that genetics bother her, it is likely that she will absolutely cut them off.

The possibility of withdrawing money is a tragic fact, too. Money is a tricky topic, altogether. Weddings can be very costly, and if the couple is preparing their big event on a specific budget aside from what the OP had settled to earlier, they would be significantly set back.

‘This is so funny honestly. The mother is treating is so seriously! Envisage going to meet your daughter who’s about to get married and saying ‘Sit down sweetheart’ I have to tell you something. We all have to be strong *deep breath* it turned out Jeffrey is *sobs* a distant relation much like the rest of the populace. I am sorry to break this to you.’ @togostarman said.

Perhaps the most plausible reason, actually, is that the mom saw “cousin” and was freaked out. This can sound a little frightening to those who don’t know anything about genetics or biology.

There’s also a great concern the pair will be judged. It’s no longer about the love that her daughter shares with her future husband but what other members of the family might think if they found out.

All in all, the mom came to her senses and apologized. It would have been a thing of shame if she missed her daughter’s wedding.

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