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Bride Worried About Someone Upstaging Her On Wedding And It’s Her Mom


Bride Worried About Someone Upstaging Her On Wedding And It’s Her Mom

She has her fair share of feeling worried.

It’s your dream wedding and you really want everything to go the way both of you have been planning. But a bride was worried that her mom might just ruin it as she posted a picture of her mother’s gown to be worn on her wedding day.

So, there are several unspoken rules about attending the wedding of your girlfriend but one of them is you don’t try to upstage her. It is her special day where she’s finally vowing to be a lifetime partner to someone special. That means you try to avoid ivory gowns or whatever color the bride chose to wear her gown dress in.

You try to look elegant, but you don’t try to look way too eye-catching with pompous gowns and way-over-the-top hairdo.

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But what if you’re the mother of the bride? Well, that’s what a bride had a dilemma with for a while. Her mother has been planning to wear a gown and had a picture sent to her, but she was worried it might feel like her mom is upstaging her on her wedding. “I’m really trying to be pretty laid back about my wedding,” wrote the bride. “So I’m trying to see if there is any way this does not look too white or bridal.”

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Yes, her worry is founded on the wedding-white color and material. One person commented, “That would be too bridal for me. It’s a mixture of the volume of white and the taffeta layer which takes it into the bridal territory.”

Another wrote a fair argument that while the daughter might be okay with the low-key bridal dress “a lot of your other guests would probably side-eye, form opinions or gossip without knowing you gave the okay.” She continued, “I just don’t see any good coming from wearing white to a wedding for anyone.”

One more chimed in, “Tbh, I’d say too bridal. I’m wearing that skirt to my bridal shower!”

Sure it’s your wedding, but your mom deserves to also feel happy on your day and doesn’t that make you happy, too?

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The bride finally spoke up and decided to let her mom wear whatever she wants. “If she felt comfortable in it and felt pretty that that was all I cared about,” she wrote. “The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was kinda worried for selfish reasons. All that matters is at the end of the day, I’ll be married to my love. So, I told her today that I’m fine with her wearing the outfit and happy for her.”

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