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Brides Wore Hiking Boots With Their Wedding Gowns To Elope On A Mountain In Iceland


Brides Wore Hiking Boots With Their Wedding Gowns To Elope On A Mountain In Iceland

Wish them both the best!

Two brides, Hannah and Cassidy Capen had met on Tumblr in 2017 and got engaged four months after dating. The pair eloped on a mountain in Iceland, two years after they met each other.

The brides had worn hiking boots with their wedding gowns so they could exchange vows on a mountaintop close to a waterfall.

‘It was magical for just the two of us and it was just kind of accidental.’ Cassidy Capen, 27, said.

Tumblr Brought Both Cassidy And Hannah Capen

On meeting with wife Hannah, 24, on Tumblr, Cassidy added: ‘When I was a teen, I used Tumblr a lot and I spotted couples who were gay and I said to myself this is so cute. I wanted the same and as I got older, I stopped using dating apps.’

Cassidy admitted using her account again in the summer of 2017, during a trip to Italy and didn’t know many individuals, but connected straight away with Hannah.

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The Couple met In Person For The 1st Time In September 2017

At that time, Hannah resided in Wisconsin while Cassidy resided in Connecticut. ‘I invited her to Connecticut for a music festival in New York with another friend. She flew from Wisconsin and was her very first plane ride ever.’  Cassidy added.

The pair planned on spending the weekend tightly as friends, but as soon as they met in person, they realized they wanted to be together. So by November, Hannah relocated to Connecticut to reside with Cassidy.

The Capens Ended Up Using Iceland As Their Destination

And Flew To Reykjavik For Their Wedding In August 2019

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Then Drove Over An Hour And The Half To Get Married On A Cliffside

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Interestingly, Both Brides Paired Hiking Boots With Their Dress

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In February 2018, the pair officially got engaged as soon started planning their wedding. The pair reached a consensus for an elopement, adding that it was more affordable.

Accordingly, The Brides Make Their Outfits Less Cumbersome For Hiking

The pair also wore backpacks during the hike as they carried a speaker and their vow books. Nevertheless, the Capens went live on Facebook so their family and friends could watch them get married.

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