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This Couple Just Got Engaged And Their Photoshoot Is Hilariously Awesome!


This Couple Just Got Engaged And Their Photoshoot Is Hilariously Awesome!

Wish them all the best!

People show their love in many ways. Some work hard to be able to buy a dream ring for their precious girls. Some work hard to handmade one-of-a-kind gifts that won’t ever be seen again. Some even draw about their daily love life. This couple worked on an engagement shoot that results in hilarious pictures no other can recreate!

Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis are absolutely hilarious and that one friend in your group who can’t stop cracking jokes. They were meant for each other; their past history, personalities, and preferences show exactly that.

Madison Moxley shared her engagement photos on Facebook and Reddit which was, of course, welcomed with a lot of positive vibes and congrats. People even want to try out their theme!

Finally engaged: Couple Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis met on Tinder.

This Facebook post received 9k likes, 174 comments before the comment section was turned off and 11k shares.

And now we can’t wait what kind of theme they’ll be pulling for their wedding pictures.

Look at Mason pulling that dad’s glasses really well.


And because Madison doesn’t want people to think that they actually dress like that in general, here’s a ‘normal’ picture:

Yep, they normally wear caps, gowns and carry their graduation scrolls in general. Maybe cap off when it’s hot, but that’s the gist.

Everyone loved the story and them being hilariously themselves!

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