17 Honest Kids' Drawings That Hilariously Revealed Secrets Of Their Parents

17 Honest Kids’ Drawings That Hilariously Revealed Secrets Of Their Parents

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We are all quite aware and at times experienced how gorgeous, clever, and naughty children can be. But we hardly get to the comic and truthful side of them! Especially when they are put down on paper.

 So obviously,  one must appreciate and capture these infrequent instances. These funny almost-masterpieces in due course saw the hilarity in the situations and had some time to reflect.

Perhaps this is why images of kids drawing go viral when they resolve around uprightness and hilarity joined together, making a whole lot of stunning success which will have you laughing out loud, literally. So take your time, and settle in to enjoy these hilarious and honest drawings by kids.

My friend’s 6 year old daughter drew this at school…

One Happy Kid

This kid know how to use passive aggressive attitude. LOL

I want to be like mommy

Child draws picture of father “eating sugar with his nose” as a school project

Best example for typos being hilarious

Facebook Addicted Mom

My cousins first drawing of her Mum (she’s 5).

Bitter truth

What my mom likes to drink..

A chubby dad

This kid love her mom so much

A stage of grief

Evil mommy

This kid was asked to describe his father….

Another wine lover mom

*Claps* for this one