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Mom Shares A Hilarious Selfie Posing Next To Daughter’s Drawing


Mom Shares A Hilarious Selfie Posing Next To Daughter’s Drawing

Priceless masterpiece ever!

A mother’s love is truly unconditional! It’s easy to accept that, considering what moms have to put up with. Moms put up with a lot of things and smile brightly even when things go worse.

Interestingly, they are that No. 1 sincere friend, jubilating with you through every little achievement. A mom sees all of the aforementioned as a part of making progress as well as all she ever wished for her child.

This woman decided the best way to celebrate her child’s artistic attempt was to recreate her drawing with real-life makeup, taking a Selfie with the painting for comparison and posting it online for internet users to admire.

The mom, who’s a Redditor – identified as 10fletcher felt her upload is more meaningful than recreating another makeup tutorial from YouTube.

10fletcher, A Reddit User Uploaded A Photo Of Herself With An Old Watercolor Painting Of Daughter Mia. ‘My Child Did This Portrait Of Me 10 Years Ago. I Look The Same’


Mia drew a real masterpiece when she was little, underlining all the best features of her mother, including undereye bags, hilarious looking eyebrows, three lines of teeth, and black lashes.

Ensuring she replicates a look as closely as possible, going extra with a red lip and drawing eyelashes on her lids, the proud mom joked she hasn’t changed much since her daughter drew the portrait 10 years ago.

Mia was, however, amused on discovering her mom’s post. ‘There was an unusual eye roll at first, but she did get a good laugh there, took a screenshot of Reddit to share with friends.’ Mia said.

Users Fell In Love With The Portrait & With Her Sense Of Humor

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