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150 Job For Grabs In Antarctica Paying Over $200K With Free Board And Food


150 Job For Grabs In Antarctica Paying Over $200K With Free Board And Food

The coolest job in the world – Are you IN?

The greatest adventurous job opportunities in the world are here for grabs as Australia has called for over 150 people to work in its Antarctica Research Station.

Taking care of all rent and board (free) at the 4bases where chefs will equally prepare meals for you, the wages are good. Employed workers will get to be called ‘Expeditioner’ as well as learn new skills.

If you are a chef, you should consider being off to Antarctica

Workers celebrating Christmas at the Davis Station

Two expeditioners ice-biking at Casey Station

The 4bases on Antarctica: Davis, Mawson, Casey, and Macquarie Island. The Macquire island is located in the Sub-Antarctic region, halfway between Tasmania and Antarctica.

Staff work hard at the bases, but also have time to relax and play pool

Visiting a penguin colony is definitely something to look out for

Accordingly, you will get to explore one of the most remote places in the world and also get a special $60,974 yearly allowance paid on top of the base wage.

Staff pitch in for kitchen duties like washing up while Chefs prepare meals

This scenery is hardly seen

If you appreciate outdoors adventure, then you should sign up

For instance, a medical practitioner can earn a base salary of about $199,031 a year + an additional $60,974 yearly allowance. Similarly, an information technology officer can earn a base salary of $74,469 + an additional $60,974 yearly allowance while working in Antarctica.

Specifically, the Australian Antarctic Division wants skilled employees to register for anything from a summer job that would last for about 4months to a full 15-month stint over the Antarctic Winter.

Nothing can be grown outside, but a hydroponics greenhouse provides fresh vegetables

All staff can help contribute to Antarctic science

Chefs, logistics supply officer, IT officer, Mechanic, Plumber, Welder, Boilermaker, Carpenter and many more are all expected to sign up for the opportunity.

While access is quite easy during summer, there can, however,  be over 100 people on each of the 4bases and when the long winter set in, the stations are expected to evacuate down to a figure of about 20 people or lesser.

Mechanic Amy Chetcuti loves her duty at Davis and Mawson stations

Mawson Station and Research base

On the other hand, the job opportunity is open to women and men willing to explore the remote and isolated stations, and eager to learn new skills.

It’s expected that applicants will also get along well with others, most especially as the small community must rely on each other to keep each other safe.

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