15 Texts From Exes That Got Hilariously Savage Replies

15 Texts From Exes That Got Hilariously Savage Replies

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They claimed that there is only you in this world. They can never love anyone else, and you will be their only for a lifetime. They won’t ever live you; maybe they’ve even promised you marriage. Yet, those sweet words remained as empty promises because you broke up with them just a few weeks ago.

You’ve moved on; life is good. You’re starting to think about being open to a new relationship and learn from the past. Suddenly, your phone’s notification rang, and a familiar number appeared on the screen: it’s your ex.

A wild ex has appeared! How will you reply to them?

Can we stay as friends?

You sound so desperate.

Here’s your space.

Some useless stuff.

An advice pertaining to your health.

Unfortunately, women always know what men miss the most of.

I’m grilling at 3 in the morning thanks to you.

Something important to tell.

Everyone should have this auto-response.

Eh, too late.

Ah, you think?

Baby carrots.

Uh, wrong number.

None found.

The hate is mutual.