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15 Scariest Movies Based On Viewers’ Heart Rates


15 Scariest Movies Based On Viewers’ Heart Rates

The scariest of them all, the most heart-pumping.

The science of scare is a study conducted by a team from BroadbandChoices, where they curate over 50 of the most popular and scariest horror movies ever. They went to critic’s lists and read up recommendations from Reddit, and began curating from there. The best horror movie has to be the one that pumps your adrenaline the most as you’re anticipating what’s going to happen next.

With that thinking in mind, over 50 people were observed to spend 120 hours watching a list of horror movies. They are plugged into a heart rate monitor while watching the movies to find the scariest movie of them all. They enjoyed the movie with 5.1 Surround because one of the most important essences in a horror movie is the sound.

Halloween is not the only time you get to watch horror movies. This Christmas, you can use this list as a reference for a great movie night!

#1 Sinister

the sinister

Scoring 6.8 on IMDb, the movie is about a writer who moved into a new home with his family. Apparently, the previous family who lived here were all murdered, and he stumbled on a video that may be key to solving the murder mystery. But the family is in danger, the longer they stay there.

Average heart rate: 86
Highest spike: 131

#2 Insidious

Focus Features

‘Insidious’ scored 6.8 and followed the story of Josh and Renai, who’ve just moved in. Their 10-year-old son, Dalton, fell into a coma and woke up. But ever since then, a series of weird and dangerous things continued to happen, and everyone began to realize that he may have connected himself to the other side of the world.

Average heart rate: 85
Highest spike: 133

#3 The Conjuring

the conjuring
Warner Bros.

‘The Conjuring’ is another popular movie you may have heard. It has a 7.5 score on IMDb and follows the Warren family, who are experts in paranormal activities. A true story focuses on a family of farmers who are being haunted and terrorized by a demon.

Average heart rate: 84
Highest spike: 129

#4 Hereditary

PalmStar Media

‘Hereditary’ has a score of 7.3. It’s about Annie Graham, who begins experiencing horrifying things in her family after her mother’s passing. The movie peels off, one by one, the secrets that the family has been hiding.

Average heart rate: 83
Highest spike: 109

#5 Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity 1
Blumhouse Productions

One of the most iconic horror movies of all time, ‘Paranormal Activity’ is about a couple who just moved into the suburbs. Katie has always been followed by something since she was young, and it may have followed her all the way to her new home. So, a camera was set up to find out what happens when they sleep.

Average heart rate: 82
Highest spike: 127

#6 It Follows

it follows
Northern Lights Films

The movie ‘It Follows’ is about a girl who’s cursed by a man she rejected from college. She was cursed by something that won’t stop until she dies.

Average heart rate: 81
Highest spike: 93

#7 The Conjuring 2

the conjuring 2
Warner Bros.

The second installment of ‘The Conjuring’ scored 7.3 thanks to its great plot. The Warrens family is back, and they’re here to help another family with four kids whose mom may have been haunted.

Average heart rate: 80
Highest spike: 120

#8 The Babadook

the babadook
Causeway Films

In the story of ‘The Babadook,’ a single mother with a 6-year-old boy read to him a story about Babadook. Soon enough, the mysterious creature became something more than just a creature in a book as he’s always been seeing things everywhere since his dad died.

Average heart rate: 80
Highest spike: 116

#9 The Descent

the descent 1

‘The Descent’ with 7.2 score, follows a group of girls who are daredevils and enjoy hiking. On their latest cave exploration, the group was trapped inside after the only exit was blocked by falling rocks. As they continued to find a way out, they soon find out that they aren’t alone in there.

Average heart rate: 79
Highest spike: 122

#10 The Visit

the visit
Neighborhood Film Co.

Becca and Tyler are finally spending time with their grandparents years since their mom had a spat with them. They haven’t seen them for a long time, and they were welcomed warmly. There’s one strict rule to never leave their room after 9.30 pm, and soon, they understand why.

Average heart rate: 79
Highest spike: 100

#11 The Ring

the ring

Journalist Rachel Keller got into the root of a viral videotape that kills those who watched it in seven days. Her own teenage nephew was involved and killed, prompting her to drive with her disturbed son to the cabin where a group of teens died and watched the video herself.

Average heart rate: 79
Highest spike: 107

#12 A Quiet Place

a quiet place
Paramount Pictures

The movie which sequel airing has been pushed back to April 2021, follows a family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic setting. After the tragic loss of their youngest, the family continued their quiet lifestyle and survive in a world where they are now no more the top of the food chain.

Average heart rate: 78
Highest spike: 122

#13 A Nightmare on Elm Street

a nightmare on elm street
Warner Bros.

A classic slasher horror movie that follows the story of Freddy Krueger, a child tormenter who died and haunted teenagers in their nightmares.

Average heart rate: 78
Highest spike: 104

#14 Halloween

Universal Pictures

Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is back for one last stand-off against Michael Myers. A 40-year sequel after she survived his grips during Halloween.

Average heart rate: 77
Highest spike: 101

#15 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
15 Scariest Movies Based On Viewers’ Heart Rates 24

Based on a true story, the movie has been adapted a few times with many sequels. But the essence of horror remains the same: a man who carries a chainsaw with the only massacre in his mind. The first installment is believed to be the scariest of all.

Average heart rate: 77
Highest spike: 98

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