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15 Rare Pictures Of Celebs Show Their Another Side


15 Rare Pictures Of Celebs Show Their Another Side

These people were lucky.

It’s really easy to forget that before they were millionaires with everything about their private life exposed to the public, they were normal people like us. Most of them had times when not everyone would snicker or overwhelm them because of their popularity.

These old pictures store those precious moments of when they were still unknown to most of us. And as good fans as well as people, Green Lemon hopes they can still have precious and beautiful moments like this even today.

1. Here’s John Travolta with his friend’s mother.

© trillionn / Reddit

2. Matt LeBlanc once dated this person’s mom and here’s a picture of them on Christmas.

© RimKournaira / Twitter

3. Adam Sandler on his prom date.

© BPearsonn / Twitter

4. Yes, Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

© taylorswift / Instagram

5. The only Queen we stan, Beyoncé, is her mom’s baby girl.

© beyonce / Instagram

6. Celebrities can be best friends, too. Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

© courteneycoxofficial / Instagram

7. This lil boy’s older sis dater Macho Man Randy Savage and here’s them back in the 90s.

© eLetoR / Reddit

8. The Duff sisters living their Christmas childhood dream.

© hilaryduff / Instagram

9. Here’s one of Jimmy Fallon’s past.

© maddyahouse1 / Twitter

10. Two legends, Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio bowling together.

© Deadlypaper / Reddit

11. Selena Gomez going through her darkest times with the help of a true friend.

© selenagomez / Instagram

12. This legendary picture of ‘Friends’ cast one last lunch before ‘The Last One’. January 23, 2004.

© courteneycoxofficial / Instagram

13. Cindy Crawford shared a cute picture of when she had braces for the Pepsi commercial.

© CindyCrawford / Twitter

14. An old picture of Mouseketeer, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera together.

© _Long_Story_Short_ / Reddit

15. Who would’ve known this man will be the renowned actor James Gandolfini?

© im_back / Reddit

16. A picture of Robin Williams who’s visiting a homeless shelter in 1988.

© allthekos / Reddit

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