12 Times People Saw Hilarious And Heartwarming Things During Quarantine

12 Times People Saw Hilarious And Heartwarming Things During Quarantine

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It’s official – we from Greenlemon is sick of the bad news and horrible things that people do during this time of crisis. A lot of people are demoted, laid off and lose their jobs as companies are forced to reduce their business activities. Sick people keep increasing while medical supplies are dwindling, but that’s it.

We want to share the most wholesome, funniest and heartwarming content this time. You are probably housebound with so little to do, so here are some positive vibes we’d like to share with you. We have compiled 12 hilarious things that could’ve happened only during quarantine times.

1. This woman who came into our restaurant said this is the only protective mask she could find.


2. I just saw this on my Facebook newsfeed.


3. In my super small Indiana town.


4. My neighbors down the road put a mask on their letterbox.

5. We had to cancel my son’s 7th birthday party because of the Coronavirus. So, his friends organized a birthday parade for him. Made his day!

6. A paramedic’s neighbors give her a round of applause as she heads off for another night time shift.


7. Fossilized warning from Dad, the T-REX.


8. How are you keeping sane during quarantine?


9. A doctor at a high risk hospital is living away from his family. This is how he sees his toddler.


10. The joys of working from home.

11. COVID drip.

12. 6ft now and forever.