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10 Colourised Pictures Depict The Horror Of The Holocaust


10 Colourised Pictures Depict The Horror Of The Holocaust

The images are both upsetting and shocking!

The world is presently celebrating the Holocaust Memorial Day. Marking 75years since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviets occurred, Tom Marshall, a British photo colorizer has colorized a selection of pictures taken throughout the 1st few months of 1945 in a bid to reveal the true horror of the Nazi Holocaust.

‘Never will I forget the little adorable faces of the children, whose bodies were turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a quiet blue sky.’ A Holocaust Survivor once said.

Being a harrowing project ever worked on, Marshall enjoys colorizing photos as the whole process brings about the subjects of life gradually. Being quite a satisfying experience, the images are so shocking as well as upsetting.

The artist continued: ‘It is very important that we all do more to bring the past to life and to keep photos like these shocking ones, so it won’t happen again. The colorizing process was uniquely different as these individuals were undeniably close to the grave by the time of liberation. In color, you will see their bones, bloodless and pale skin. Young men appear older with grey hair and dark patches below their eyes.’

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Here’s The True Horror Of The Holocaust

The Little Kids At Auschwitz

Starved And Bloodless Skin Men At Ebensee

Istvan Reiner, 4, Smiling For A Portrait Before Being Murdered At Auschwitz Camp

Two Emaciated Men At Lager Nordhausen

All the men ranging from 3,000 – 4,0000 at Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp were maltreated, starved and beaten regularly.  

18-Year-Old Girl During The Liberation Of Dachau Concentration Camp In 1945

Man At Ebensee Concentration Camp, Austria Looks Like A Living Skeleton

The Burning Bergen-Belsen Prison Camp In 1945

Captured By C.M.K Parsons

Young Woman With Scars Of Terrible Beating By SS Guards At Bergen-Belsen

A Smiling Holocaust Survivor

This young Jewish Refugee was rescued from a concentration camp, smiling while resting up a hospital bed in Malmo, Southern Sweden (1945).

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