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Zoo Requests Woman To Repair Butterfly’s Wings, She Gives It A Transplant


Zoo Requests Woman To Repair Butterfly’s Wings, She Gives It A Transplant

Have you ever assisted an animal in need?

Heroes are not only in movies, they equally live among us. While some individuals volunteer to assist animals and humans, others are saving abandoned kittens and dogs as well as repairing the damaged wings of a butterfly.

Majorly into making Jewelry from real insects, a woman who is an expert at repairing butterfly wings ensures the beautiful insects’ glory is restored.

Being a careful process that entails dexterity, patience as well as real-passion for butterflies, Katie VanBlaricum, the Founder of Insect Art has achieved a butterfly’s successful wing transplant.

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Katie Vanblaricum, The Founder Of Insect Art Has Helped A Monarch Butterfly By Repairing Its Wings

Insect Art
Insect Art

The Monarch butterflies also recognized as Milkweed, the black veined brown, the wanderer as we as the common tiger.

These particular butterflies have a wingspan of between 3.5 and 4 inches. While they are mostly confused for Viceroys, they have an extra black stripe across their hindwing.

The Transplant Was Successful!

Insect Art

And The Butterfly Was Clearly Regaining Its Strength After The Transplant

Insect Art

Butterfly update: it’s storming here today, so no release planned. He can fly a bit, but not as much as I’d like to see. Perhaps he just needs to get his strength up. Here he is, eating. You can see the proboscis collecting nectar from this sponge. His proboscis is like a straw. Fun fact: Monarchs taste with their feet!

Posted by Insect Art on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Yes! It Flew Into The Sky!

Insect Art

Butterfly update: the repaired Monarch got away from me today! Flew up high in an oak tree, so he’s off. Godspeed! (I had been taking him to some flower gardens outside, to see what he could do. Until now, I had always re-captured him and brought him back home.)

Posted by Insect Art on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Kate, who is from Topeka in Kansas said; ‘It’s not difficult for me to repair the wings since I mostly work with passed away insects for a living. Majorly, it takes less than 5 min to undergo a repair. You just have to work fast in order to avoid stressing the butterfly out.’

Speaking to Bored Panda via an Interview, Katie added: ‘I have a friend who works at a butterfly conservatory and I have seen some of his Frankenstein butterflies flying around. Seeing that, I knew it was very much possible, so I seek advice from him as well as consulting the internet.’

The Founder Of Insect Art Has Been Assisting Butterflies For Years

Insect Art

Here’s A Step-To-Step Guide On How To Assist A Butterfly!

Insect Art

You Can Watch The Video Here:

Butterfly Wing repair video, at your request. Honestly, this is probably the worst job I have ever done on a live butterfly (new wing isn’t perfectly straight), but it will show you how the process is done, so you can try it yourself if you ever have to.

Posted by Insect Art on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Here’s Also What People Are Saying About The Transplant

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