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Cute Dog With Incredibly Human Face And Smile Becomes An Internet Sensation


Cute Dog With Incredibly Human Face And Smile Becomes An Internet Sensation

Playful, energetic and friendly!

A cute canine with an incredibly human face has become a viral impression, leaving confused fans to question its owners if a face-swap tech has been used on him.

The Aussiepoo mix, Nori owned by Tiffany Ngo, 34 and Kevin Hurless, 33 from Seattle is a designer breed with human-like attributes.

The Aussiepoo mix with an incredibly human face has become a viral impression

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With his large almond-shaped eyes that have a hint of piercing blue and pink lips that appears to curve into a human smile, a lot of people can’t stop at taking a second glance.

His owners, Kelvin and Tiffany have become used to the attention their rare canine pet draws and still, they love seeing the several reactions he causes.

Owner Tiffany Ngo, 34 set up an Instagram account for Nori, which quickly garnered followers

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When Nori’s owners shared a picture of him on Twitter, the post became a stand-out with the tweet garnering over 9000 likes and comments.

Kelvin, who is an energy consultant explained: ‘When Nori was a puppy, we wouldn’t go more than just a block before being stopped by someone to ask about him. It has become a less frequent thing as he gets older. But we still very much hear how human is the face and eye look.

Fluffy Nori looks human-like ever since Kevin and Tiffany got him. His owners did not expect him to get such reactions from strangers 

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Thanks to his eyes, the dog looks like a human, even upon waking up

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Also speaking, Tiffany Ngo, Kelvin’s partner and mother to Nori said, the cute dog has an Instagram account where most of his pictures are shared.

Nori and Boba on the way to the supermarket. Boba is a one-year-old, a Yorkie mix

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Kevin and Tiffany reveals Nori looks completely different after a bath 

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‘That’s where we get all the feedbacks about his human attributes, with many people saying he seems like a giant person or they are admiring his eyes. Nori is however incredibly sweet and friendly as well as very playful and energetic. He loves people, dogs, and wants to be friends with anyone that cross his path.’ Tiffany stated.

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