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Dog And Boy Take Turns As They Are Thrown Through The Air Onto A Bed


Dog And Boy Take Turns As They Are Thrown Through The Air Onto A Bed

Raised with the poise of an Olympic Javelin Thrower by step-dad!

This is certainly the most heart-touching moment ever seen. A boy and his dog take turns through the air and onto a bed just to catch some fun.

Blaize Smith and dog, Wade were seen taking turns to be picked up by the boy’s father before being thrown across the room.

The landing spot is, however, a mattress on the other part of the room, ensuring a safe space to land for both the boy and the dog.

Kyle prepares to throw Blaize, positioning him like a human javelin

Being thrown by step-dad, Kyle, Blaize’s mother – Samantha Kendricks, age 25, captured the whole display in the Tennessee home in September. The dog  – Wade appeared excited about the moment while waiting for his turn.

Kyle, the stepdad has, however, raised Blaize – his stepson with the poise of an Olympic Javelin Thrower, balancing him perfectly on just a hand. And in a display of sincere strength, Blaize was launched across the room, before crashing onto the bedsheets.

Wade also flies through the air despite being such a large dog

At a point, Wade appeared taking Blaize as an object of play fetched with as he was seen snatching him out of the air. However, he instantly rethought his strategy as Blaize goes flying past.  

Willing to get another turn, the excited dog charged up to the dad, leaped into his arms and prepared for another wind dive. Behind the camera, Samantha was heard laughing with joy.

Boy and dog tossed onto a bed by step-dad

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