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Zambian TV Anchor Stopped Live Show To Complain That He Has Not Been Paid


Zambian TV Anchor Stopped Live Show To Complain That He Has Not Been Paid

The TV station claims it’s a one-night stunt of fame.

Many of us have been there! You land the dream job. You’re delighted beyond belief, and your employer agreed to pay what you’re worth. However, most employers don’t always turn out the perfect, though, and for some unknown reason, they migrate to become employers from hell, deciding you are worthy of a portion of the agreed or no payment at all. 

Presenter Kabinda Kalimina revealed he and his colleagues hadn’t received their wages and insisted they must be paid.


You definitely will find the tale of a Zambian TV Presenter, Kabinda Kalimina, as a heartbreaking one. Recently, Mr. Kalimina, who works for the KBN TV news program, interrupted his news bulletin to complain that he and his colleagues hadn’t been paid. This moment has since sparked a stir online, leaving people with divided opinions.

“Away from the news, ladies and gentleman, we are human beings. We have to get paid.”


Mr. Kalimina had launched the show as expected and gave a roundup of the top stories when he stopped making the complaint live on-air. “Away from the news, ladies, and gentleman, we are human beings. We have to get paid. Unfortunately, on KBN, we haven’t been paid. Sharon and everyone else hasn’t been paid, including myself. We have to get paid.” Kalimina said. 

Kalimina interrupted his live news bulletin to make the complaint.


Instantly, Mr. Kalimina was cut off by the station, and the producers relaunched the opening trailer. The presenter has been condemned by KBN TV, who described the actions as a One-Night stunt of Fame. According to a statement (by KBN TV’s Chief Executive Kennedy Mambwe), they’ve urged viewers to treat the interruption with the contempt it deserves while adding that Mr. Kalimina had exhibited drunken behavior. 

“Yes, I did that on live TV; just because more journalists are scared to speak out doesn’t mean journalists shouldn’t speak out,” Kalimina said in a Facebook post.

“As management, we’re carrying out investigations to determine how a drunken part-time presenter found himself on air unabated, and disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who may have been part of the scheme.” The TV station stated. Nonetheless, Mr. Kalimina had refuted their claims that he was drunk and questioned how he could be drunk when he had presented three other shows before the news bulletin.

KBN TV condemned Mr. Kalimina, and even described his actions as a One-Night stunt of Fame.


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