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You Can Grow Clear Succulents That Look Like Shining Crystals


You Can Grow Clear Succulents That Look Like Shining Crystals

It can take a little extra care to get started with the succulents!

Succulents are one of the simplest plants to keep alive, making them quite popular around the world. Importantly, succulents are uniquely stunning and can be pretty irresistible. Have you ever come across a clear succulent?

Clear Succulent, originally named ‘Haworthia Cooperi, are so now in existence that they appear like crystals. Interestingly, there are a lot of the Haworthia, but are all known by their visible leaves.

Instagram | @alsterworthia

Majorly, some can appear like weird bath beads from the early 90s while others can look like crystal geodes. Haworthia evidently has plump leaves and normally remain in very small sizes.

Instagram | @evahaworthia

These clear succulents, however, tend to grow outwards in a pretty rosette shape and grow up to just two inches tall. They are undeniably best for one’s windowsills and desks. These succulents equally grow a long floral stalk and it’s somewhat charming.

Instagram | @chonkysuccs

Specifically, the Haworthia are adequate in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, but can also be seen in the Southern area of the United States.

Instagram | @muraffe.haworthia

Haworthia appreciates warm weather a lot and can survive effectively with minimal watering, therefore if you travel much often, there’s no cause for alarm as your plant is 100% safe and healthy.

Instagram | @suculentaslindass

With clear succulents, you don’t have to be all bothered about hiring a plant sitter as they can revive with some sunlight if they are accidentally overwatered.

Instagram | @succulenttribe

What are you waiting for? Are you adding the succulents to your plant collection? Nevertheless, if you would like one for your home, check for them at your local garden nursery or perhaps buy them here.

Instagram | @stabmewithyourspines

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