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Woman Realized Her ‘Perfect’ Plant Is Fake After Watering Them For Two Years


Woman Realized Her ‘Perfect’ Plant Is Fake After Watering Them For Two Years

She’s been lied to for 730 days!

A plant owner who dedicatedly watered her supposedly perfect succulent for two years has realized it was fake all along.

The woman revealed she kept her green-colored plant alive on the Kitchen window for 2years and would regularly clean the leaves.

But was stunned after realizing the plant she cherished and care for turned out to be plastic on reaching a consensus to re-pot the perfect succulent.

Devoted plant owner who watered her Perfect Succulent for two years has recognized it’s fake

‘I have had this beautiful succulent for about two years and I have been so proud of the plant. It was all full, has beautiful coloring and was an overall a perfect plant.’

‘I had a watering schedule for it and if someone else tried watering my succulent I would get defensive because I just wanted to take good care of it myself. I was in love with my succulent.’ The woman explained on Facebook.

‘I decided it was time to do a transplant then I found the cutest vase that suited it perfectly. I pulled it from the original container it was bought with, only to learn the plant was fake. I put much effort into the plant and I washed its leaves.’ The woman added.

Internet Users pointed out how noticeably fake the plant looked while a few said they were misled by the perfect-looking succulent

The woman admitted she made the discovery on finding out the succulent attached to the plant Styrofoam with sand was glued to the top. She continued: ‘Tried my best to keep it appearing its best, but it’s entirely plastic. How did I not know this? I feel like I have been lied to for two years.’

Reposted in an Australian Indoor Plant Group, many internet users revealed similar experiences with artificial plants. A few instantly pointed out how noticeable fake the plant looked while others said they were misled by the perfect-looking succulent.

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