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Women Go On S*x Strike In Protest At SCOTUS Overturning Roe v Wade


Women Go On S*x Strike In Protest At SCOTUS Overturning Roe v Wade

“No s*x until we have abortion rights.”

Over the weekend, protests emerged following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn women’s federal right to abortions. Women in states that restrict abortion or outlaw it must continue with their pregnancy, undergo a clandestine abortion, obtains abortion pills, or travel to another state where it remains legal.

But as most women don’t have the financial resources to travel, they are now called to withhold s*x from men until abortion rights are federal law. 

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As the calls for a nationwide s*x strike gained momentum on social, one Twitter raged: “Women of America: Take the pledge. Because SCOTUS overturned Roe, V. Wade, we cannot take the risk of an unintended pregnancy; therefore we will not have s*x with any man, including our husbands, unless we are trying to become pregnant.”

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The protest also saw the terms including #abstinence trending on social media platforms. 

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Another woman raged: “I live in New York, and I am DOUBLE FURIOUS with the Supreme Court. I want to find people who are coordinating a mass s*x strike. That is our power. Women have the power here. No more s*x until abortion rights are federal law.” A third wrote: “Womxn! Calling for a national #s*xstrike. No s*x with men until women’s rights are codified by law. #Allmen #Underhiseye.” 

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Some people posted a graphic that read: “#S*xStrike. If our choices are denied, so are yours.”

A fourth tweeted: “Perhaps a #s*xstrike (also known as abstinence) would help the men folk to be all in on this #womensrights issue.” It’s reported that on Sunday, most protests had remained peaceful until a pickup truck that drove through a group of demonstrators in Cedar Rapids ran over a woman’s foot. In Portland, Oregon, a group of protestors smashed windows and vandalized buildings.


Brianna Campbell, 24, [not pictured] was among the thousands that marched in the New York City streets.

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She told the New York Post: “If you’re a man who won’t get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible and you’re not out in the streets fighting for my rights, you don’t deserve to have s*x with me.” Caroline Healey also told The Post amid a protest in Union Square: “I think it’s valid for us to be withholding the Holy Grail that men seem to think is important. Why shouldn’t we withhold it if we’re always worried they’re not going put a condom on, that they’re going to take one off after we ask them to.”

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Demonstrations nearly passed off without an incident, but police fired tear gas on Arizona protestors.

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Scrawled in black spray paint on some buildings was: ‘Death to SCOTUS.’ Another read: ‘Abort the Court.’ Other messages in spray paint included ‘Abolish schools’ and ‘ACAB,’ a reference to anti-police. Just when about 500 protesters showed up and exceeded the time limit, Greenville police officers had informed the crowd about disbanding as pro-choice demonstrators began confronting anti-abortion protesters. 

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Reportedly, police said six people were arrested after failing to comply with warnings, and officials claimed pepper spray and stun guns weren’t used. 

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In its ruling, the Supreme Court tossed out the argument in Roe v. Wade that women had the right to abortion based on the constitutional right to privacy concerning their bodies. Democratic-ruled states, anticipating an influx of patients, have already taken steps to facilitate abortion, and three of them, California, Oregon, and Washington, have issued a joint pledge to defend access after the court’s decision.

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On the other hand, Abortion providers said they had seen a surge in donations since the ruling as they braced for the long hard road ahead. 

Missouri was first to ban the procedure on Friday, making no exception for rape or incest. “In the 24 hours following the court’s devastating decision, Planned Parenthood saw a 40-fold increase in donations compared to a typical day, more than half of whom are new donors. ‘This is just the beginning, and we won’t back down,” Kelley Robinson, vice president of advocacy in one of the largest abortion providers in the United States, has said in a statement to AFP.

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