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Woman’s Genius Hack Shows How You Can Size Your Jeans Without Trying Them On

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Woman’s Genius Hack Shows How You Can Size Your Jeans Without Trying Them On

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can sometimes be like a war zone. But worry no further, @topnotchboutique on TikTok has come to the rescue – sharing a genius hack for sizing your jeans without fitting them on. While shopping for jeans takes you hours and going in endless amounts of shops, the TikToker has proved there’s an easier way to determine a perfect fit.

In her video [now viral], a woman in a store was seen trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. 

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She then said: “Let me just show you a jean hack that is going to be a lifesaver.” 

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Her procedure appeared very simple as it only entailed taking the waistline of the jeans and wrapping it around your neck. She also stated: “So if it fits round your neck, they’re going to fit.” The woman then went off to the changing room to try the jeans on and emerged moments later, donning the jeans. 

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“See! Look how cute they are!” The woman said conclusively in the clip captioned: ‘Jean Hack! My husband thought I was crazy.”

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Quite a several people were left impressed with the hack and took the comments to express themselves. One person attested: “It works. I’ve done this for years.” Another added: “Yess! My mom told me this hack as we were growing up. Totally works. While a third stated: “Yes, it always works.”

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Not everyone was convinced with the hack, and a few commented it didn’t work for them. One said: “Doesn’t work for me? While another said: “Not always true,” to which the woman responded: “Agreed especially depending on the person’s body type of stretch of jeans.”

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Watch The Video Here:


Jean hack! My husband thought I was crazy

original sound – Top Notch Boutique

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