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Woman Won Consultation With A Stylist And Learned Why Outfits Look Better On Celebs


Woman Won Consultation With A Stylist And Learned Why Outfits Look Better On Celebs

Do you know a $20 tailoring session can make your jeans appear very expensive?

Here comes the moment of informative truth!

A woman was recently left speechless on finding out Jennifer Aniston actually wears a bigger size of Ralph Lauren T-shirt, altering it to fitting her body frame.

‘Our whole world has been a lie. The clothes are not meant to fit out and if they do, it’s mainly because you make them yourself. Join me and let’s go through the whole thing together.’ The woman said.

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This Woman Realized Why Celebrities Appear Good-looking  


Stylist and creator of Kate Middleton’s recent looks, Virginia Chadwyck-Healey said when it comes to appearing the best in high-street clothing, very little details does the magic.

‘I certainly would take high street items to be tailored. If your bust is bigger than any standard clothes sizing, you might want to purchase tops in a size up more often, but that then makes the piece too big in other awkward places. A little tweak will make a big impact. If an item fits you really well, then you are more likely to put it on every day.’ Stylist Virginia explained.

Additionally, a $20 tailoring session will perhaps make your jeans look much better as well as expensive. A designer’s item, on the other hand, can also appear dowdy and cheap if it’s not sitting right. One easy way to upgrade one’s wardrobe is to go for quality fabrics including, thick denim, organic linen, and cashmere.

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