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Woman Who Rescued Sable From Becoming Someone’s Coat Decides To Keep Her As Pet


Woman Who Rescued Sable From Becoming Someone’s Coat Decides To Keep Her As Pet

One good thing: The Sable is not leaving the world soonest!

Zhenya discovered a photo of a wild Sable, on the internet and immediately, she fell in love with it and decided to learn more. It turned out the animal has the most expensive fur and very superior to other animals due to its silky texture and range of colors from beige to black. 

Particularly in Russia, the high demand for Sable Fur is on the increase as it’s used to produce underwear and even bedspreads. While it was, however the destiny of this adorable animal to die, Zhenya saw it on the internet and came to its rescue.

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Easy Decision Made Here

Determined to do her best, Zhenya tried all she could to rescue the poor critter. ‘When I learned there was an opportunity to buy her out from a fur farm. She would have passed away there, so I decided to save the little fella.’ Zhenya told Bored Panda.

Presently, the two are happily living together and enjoying life to the fullest. Revealing Umoro, the Sable has a difficult personality, Zhenya added: ‘Staying at the fur farm has taken a toll on her. She’s quite emotional and most times even a bit hysterical. Umora is also cheeky and likes to steal stuff, although very smart and active.’

With things appearing all good, Zhenya has, however, advised against keeping a sable as a pet. She continued: ‘One has to go through a lot before living with it comfortably. It certainly requires a lot of patience and time. It might even take years before you began to enjoy your life with it.’

Nevertheless, Sables are known for their burrows near river banks and thickest corners of wooden homes. Sables are also good climbers of trees and cliffs and majorly hunt during the hours of twilight.

Image credits: russian_sable

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