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Woman Who ‘Gave Birth To 10 Babies’ Appeals For Money To Help Raise Her Huge Brood


Woman Who ‘Gave Birth To 10 Babies’ Appeals For Money To Help Raise Her Huge Brood

Raising one is already a challenge. Raising TEN at once?!

A woman from the smallest province of South Africa, Gauteng, had shocked the world when she claimed to have given birth to 10 babies. Previously, heavily pregnant Gosiame Thamara Sithole was told that she’d be having octuplets but was surprised when two more babies were born.

Sithole is a 37-year-old mother with 14 kids now.

African News Agency/ANA

The mother already a set of twins and had to quit her job after giving birth to seven boys and three girls. Her decuplets also broke the Guinness World Record that was just recently handed to Malian Halima Cissé last month, who gave birth to nine babies.

Cissé’s babies are still in neonatal care in the Malian capital of Bamako and involved a team of 10 doctors and 25 nurses. While she was not the first to have nonuplets, two previously recorded births had all nine babies passed away shortly after birth due to complications and having a deficiency in everything.

But the family now faces the unbelievably tall hurdle to provide for the huge family.

African News Agency/ANA

“I left my job early and decided to stay at home because I couldn’t cope,” Sithole told Pretoria News. “I decided to stay at home until I started feeling better.”

Sithole said that an earlier scan showed that she had six babies in her. Then, her last scan revealed she was going to have eight children. The other two were only found when she after giving birth to some of them naturally and via Caesarean section.

Meanwhile, his husband, Tsotetsi, is unemployed. “She was seven months and seven days pregnant. I am happy. I am emotional. I can’t talk much.”

“I appeal to the public to help me in whatever way they can.”

African News Agency/ANA

The family is now accepting help in particular baby needs such as diapers and formulas for their growing family.

Professor Dini Mawela from the Health Sciences University of Sefako Makgatho commented that her pregnancy case was rare and is typically caused by fertility treatments, as was observed in the previous record holder’s, Cissé’s case.

Gauteng government, however, has refused to help as they could not find proof that she indeed gave birth to 10 babies.

African News Agency/ANA

Spokesperson Thabo Masebe had spoken to TimesLIVE regarding the ingenuity of the case: “We have no record of the 10 babies at any Gauteng hospital. Unless if they were born in the air, we checked both private and public hospitals, and no one knows about the case.”

He also added that no medical professionals involved in delivering the babies had come forward to claim their role.

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