Mom Tearfully Shares Why 12 Weeks Of Maternity Leave isn’t Enough

‘I Was Forced To Suck It Up And Get Back To Work’ Mom Tearfully Shares Why 12 Weeks Of Maternity Leave isn’t Enough

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Nobody finds leaving their newborn baby for work easy. In fact, it’s pretty cruel considering how babies need to spend time with their birth parents to bond. Their first few months and years are vital to ensure that they are emotionally fulfilled.

It’s challenging because you may have to spend several nights being woken up by the baby. New moms might find it even more of a hurdle because of all the adjustments they need to work on.

Rachael Larsen from the States has to endure leaving her baby girl home just 12 weeks after giving birth.

“I was exhausted,” Rachael Larsen wrote in her heartbreaking post about maternity leave. It was what she really felt four years ago when she took this selfie of herself crying to work.

She poured out her heart four years later on how it just wasn’t enough.

Rachel Larsen

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows employees to receive 12 weeks of unpaid leave for childbirth. Yes, you essentially take a break from working and earn nothing for 12 weeks while spending most of your time nursing your child.

In fact, the US is ranked worst among rich countries when it comes to maternity leave because it has no regulations on national paid leave. In comparison, OECD figures show that the UK allows female employees to take up to 39 weeks of paid leave and additional 13 weeks of unpaid leave.

Estonia is even more awesome, providing 84 weeks of full-rate off, which can be extended to three years as the pay drops.

Let’s face it: many people cannot afford to be stay-at-home moms/dads to feed the kids and pay the bills. That is why many mothers like Rachel also have to pitch in what they can to help with the family’s financial situation.

People think that this is absolutely cruel and something must be done.

People have also taken this opportunity to point out how healthcare in the US is abysmal compared to other countries. With 0 FRE (paid maternity leave), many parents suffer from getting out there, smiling, and working even when they are not mentally and physically ready.

Foreigners pitched in how 12 weeks is just not enough.

But those who coped also think that it’s doable.

It isn’t enough for parents to bond and enjoy quality time with their newborn.