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Woman Was Asked By Hinge Match What If She Was A Man For A Day And Her Response Was Hilarious


Woman Was Asked By Hinge Match What If She Was A Man For A Day And Her Response Was Hilarious

Fulfilling her dream as a carefree man.

The ‘what ifs’ are always amazing to get to know your match just to know more about their personalities, imaginations and if you really match with them. Open-ended questions allow people to share more about themselves, so Ben, a 25-year-old Hinge user, decided to ask her match on the app this question.

“What would you do if you were a man for the day?”

It was a simple, fun question that we all know were supposed to incite some hilarious answers. But Ben’s match did not disappoint him at all – her response was absolute gold.

She began with “What an opportunity” and that’s all we need to know she has a lot to do.

First, she’d appreciate being able to just spend no more than 5 minutes to prepare herself and perhaps walk out topless. She proceeds to talk about everything that will make the activists ‘uncomfortable’.

She moved on catcalling and scratching the two precious sacks in public and manspread without being judged.

Oh, and she definitely wants to make sure that getting kicked between the legs cannot be more painful than period cramps. Unfortunately, however, getting kicked there actually equal to the pain of birthing 160 kids. But no worries, after the pain, she wants to enjoy being praised for her mediocre work and then annoy people without repercussions.

But the day is not done unless a man goes out without having to worry about walking home at night!

A lot of people find her answer hilarious, although they do sound slightly sexist to some. Currently, the tweet has been removed, but Ben was definitely impressed with her answer.

One person replied, “How about, more likely to die at work, become homeless and or suffer mental health issues that lead to committing suicide, longer prison sentences for committing the same offense as the opposite sex and fewer rights to our offspring in divorce.”

How is it? On the other hand, a whole post in Reddit was filled with women taking the sides of men in imagining what would be the harshest things about being born as a man.

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