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Woman Shares Husband’s Hilarious Attempts To Make The Bed For The First Time In 45 Years


Woman Shares Husband’s Hilarious Attempts To Make The Bed For The First Time In 45 Years

Who makes the bed in your home?

A lot of people actually fall into roles in relationships and sometimes without even realizing it. For a fraction of men in the modern age, it’s ideal the woman does the cooking as well as other glaring house chores in a home. A wife is expected to be good at cooking while a man is expected to be best at the household’s finances – the natural division of labor. But then, what happens when the roles suddenly change?

However, Joanne Sterling and Husband Jim have been impressively married for forty-five years and interestingly, Jim recently took over a regular task of laying their bed for the 1st time ever. He undeniably did a good job but one thing lacked – he couldn’t figure out what to do with the extra pillows on the bed. Amazed by his present daily struggles, Wife Joanne started documenting husband’s every day bed-making and on sharing the photos it did go all viral.

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Joanne Sterling and Husband Jim

Joanne Sterling

Jim and Joanne as high school sweethearts

Joanne Sterling

‘Jim got the role of making the bed. I have always taken proper care of everything in the house. Now he’s officially retired and so it’s time for him to pull out some weight around here.’ Joanne told BoredPanda.

Joanne Sterling

Initially, Jim took over his own side, but wife Joanne insisted he take care of whole bed. Joanne added: ‘Jim agreed and started playing the pillow arrangements to make me laugh-out-loud. I just hope it will lasts for a while and honestly I can tell how creative he would get at the long run.’

Nevertheless, if you are sensitive, you would have spotted that Jim went on bed strike for a day, but after learning he was garnering attention on the internet, the pressure got to him and did make up for the missing day.

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