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Woman Says ‘Bush Is Back’ As She Earns Over £5k A Month After Ditching The Razor


Woman Says ‘Bush Is Back’ As She Earns Over £5k A Month After Ditching The Razor

She believes men who hate having natural hair are insecure.

Critics have told Fenella Fox several times that she would make more and do better if she shaves. But instead, the British OnlyFans creator has found her job easier and more fun since she stopped shaving. Overlooking the negativity, the model, who proudly flaunts her armpit fuzz in most of her photos, also told the trolls in her defiant video that the “Bush is Back.”

She then revealed she made $1000 a month when shaves and made $8000 on her lowest months as she stopped shaving. 

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Daily Star reported that the 28-Year-Old believes female body hair is becoming more acceptable, saying: “I have been a content creator for 10 years now and I’m seeing hairy armpits more than ever right now. Not only are we seeing more and more hairy armpits on social media but we’re also seeing it in p*rn.” 

Fenella believes men who hate having natural hair are insecure, and it’s a projection of their poor hygiene.

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*not listening*

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“I know they won’t like me saying this but I honestly think a part of why men view hairy women as smelly is because a lot of men have poor hygiene or diets leading to their own armpits smelling bad. I was my armpits when I clean my teeth and I smell like lavender most of the time but if I’m stressed or don’t wash the smell can change. Just like it would if I was shaved,” she explained.

While Fenella has a legion of supportive fans, she undoubtedly has trolls online and in real life.

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Speaking about the trolls, she recalled when she was once at a house party in London where she gained a little crowd of people gawking at her unshaved legs. Fenella even had friends that were grossed out by her body hair, but thankfully, a few are inspired by it. To have peace of mind, she tends to drift away from people that don’t accept her lifestyle and appearance. 

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