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“People Call Me ‘Chewbacca’ Because Of My Excess Body Hair – I Started Shaving When I Was Very Little”


“People Call Me ‘Chewbacca’ Because Of My Excess Body Hair – I Started Shaving When I Was Very Little”

Now unapologetically happy about herself!

A woman who was born with PCOS says trolls would cruelly insult her and call her a Chewbacca due to having excess body hair.

The new mom from the US has been shaving from fear of people’s opinions towards her body.

Samantha Allen. a 28-year-old woman with hirsutism, used to be hiding from the crowd. But she’s now been using her platform to share her journey with her condition that was caused by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

β€œPeople called me Chewbacca, fat b**ch, a man,” she shared.

β€œFor a majority of my life, people have always socially imposed judgment and bullied me for something I have no control over.”

β€œAt the early age of eight, I was pressured into shaving my legs,” Sam revealed a part of her childhood. β€œHigh school days left me sui**dal, balling my eyes out and hyperventilating as my mom is smearing hair depilatory cream on me just to wear a cute shirt that had the back exposed.”

The NHS informs that over 10% of women in the UK and up to 12% in the US suffer from PCOS.

As a side-effect of this, women can experience irregular period cycles, hirsutism or thinning hair, weight gain, and acne. It also affects fertility in some women.

Samantha herself suffers from the abnormal growth of hair on her body, forcing her to shave her body since she was 8 and her face at the age of 11. PCOS, which also affects weight gain, played a part in her life as those close to her would encourage her to lose weight, despite the woman adopting an active lifestyle.

At 19st heavy, she was rushed to the hospital for near organ failure, which prompted her to start losing weight, calling the incident a β€œcomplete wake-up call”.

She got gastric bypass surgery which has helped her lose seven stones since 2019.

Sam was still shaving until a little over a year ago. Since she started showing her body hair in all its glory, she’s received many positive messages from others who suffer the same.

Sam, who now only shaves her face from time to time, shared, β€œI’m no longer ashamed. I’m so happy with my body.”

Sam has also welcomed her baby this month! She last updated that she’s gone in labor, waiting for her baby boy to be born. Sam previously expressed her happiness with her pregnancy, β€œI have been told since 11 that it was unlikely I could get pregnant.”

β€œBut here I am, in my second trimester growing a whole, healthy baby boy.”

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